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Anna Fici
Artistic director
Anna Fici is a professor of Sociology of cultural and communicative processes at the University of the Studies of Palermo (Culture and Society Department). She teaches Sociology of cultural and social change, Theory and techniques of new media, Laboratory of photojournalism, photography and culture laboratory, within the degree courses in Science of Communication. At the same time, she cultivates her photography practice.
In her work, she tries to put her passions together: theater (for many years she was assistant director to Michele Perriera) and movement - the latter, as a former dancer, she has always loved.
These experiences led her to work as a photographer of scene, in the context of contemporary dance performances (Silvia Giuffrè, Giuseppe Muscarello and others of the city panorama), in the context of the cinematographic works of Giuseppe Gigliorosso (scene and backstage photographer of the film "Ore diciotto in punto" and of all its shorts medium films), in the context of theatrical works such as, for example, the most recent works by Gigi Borruso and Danisinni's theatrical workshop (photographer for "Antigone casa per casa", for the medium-length film "Rosalia a Danisinni" and the theatrical works "L'eccezione e la regola" and "Antigone. Le Voci" by DanisinniLab).
She was vice president of the Eikòna Film social promotion association and photography teacher at the independent Piano School of Cinema. However, it is the reportage with a social background that excites her most. In 2002, she won the International Photography of Solighetto (TV) with the work "Facce di Ballarò". She has exhibited her work in the context of numerous photography events: Toscana Foto Festival, Carbonia Fotografia, at the La Gondola photographic club in Venice, inside the subsequent editions of the International of Solighetto and on other similar occasions.
More recently, she exhibited at the Marenostrum Photography Festival in Mazara del Vallo (26 September - 17 October 2021), the work "Porticello. Una comunità". Her works on Polaroid, made with the technique of hand engraving on the emulsion in the phase of development, have been exhibited in numerous national contexts such as, eg. Giovenzana (Milan). In Palermo, the most recent exhibition of the aforementioned Polaroids dates back to 2015 at the XXS Gallery. Among her scientific publications, some have addressed the theme of the insertion of the practice and photographic use in the social context. In particular the volume: "Nella giostra della social photography", Mondadori, dates back to 2018.
Laura Napoli
Social manager
Born in Palermo, 1975.
She fell in love with photography in 1994 while attending the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where she graduated in Distinction in 1998.
At the time she worked as creative manager at the OPUS Proclama advertising agency, while also exhibiting her art and design works at the galleries: Seno, at the Museo della Permanente and at Moroso.
From 1998 for 3 years she founded and ran MAUVE, an artistic laboratory in Palermo for interior design, production and sale of objects and furnishings.
In 1999 she had a solo exhibition in Palermo at LUAN, of engravings and luminous decorations.
In April 2001 she exhibited in Milan at the Salone Satellite (Salone del Mobile) furnishing accessories of her own design and production.
In 2002 she attended a Masters in Design at the Domus Academy in Milan collaborating with 3M Italia, Macef Fiera di Milano and Mitsubishi Electric with the final thesis with Professor Setzu Ito on the possible uses of magnetic induction for domestic use.
In 2004 he exhibited her computer graphics works at the Venti3 in a solo exhibition.
Between 2013 and 2014 she won the following competitions with her own photographs and personal works: STABILO International, BIALETTI industrie and SWAROVSKI crystal blog.
From 2014 she moved to Berlin for about two years where she collaborated with the Finnish costume designer Krista Karttunen and the electronic musician from Palermo Giovanni Verga; later she worked as a costume designer and lighting technician on various theater productions.
In 2017 she participated in SMODA Palermo with a collection of clothes, made entirely with recycled materials, inspired by the phenomenon of migration.
The multicultural experience, gained over time in various working fields, has refined her artistic sensibility in capturing various aspects also in the photographic field.
She studied, experimented and collaborated with Fabio Savagnone, great friend and mentor.
In recent years she developed a great passion for goldsmithing, and graduated with a Master's degree in goldsmithing history and technologies at the University of Palermo. Later under the pseudonym of "Fulca Di Lettuga" she produced various silver jewels with the lost wax technique.
Giancarlo Marcocchi
Giancarlo Marcocchi was born in Cremona in 1948 but has lived and worked in Palermo for over twenty years.
Over time he has specialized in stage photography: dance, jazz concerts, avant-garde theater, cinema. He is also fascinated by portraits, figures and glamor.
After a debut in analogue, he switched to the use of Polaroid media using all the techniques of Polaroid Art: from the manipulation in the development phase to the transfer of the emulsion onto various types of media. Today he uses fine art paper for digital with satisfaction. He likes color photography but prefers black and white.
In the early nineties he began a collaboration with the contemporary dance group Slapstick by Monica Farnč. In 1997 some of his works were published in the book "Fotografia. Attualità e tendenze", Nuova Arnica Editrice.
He was the official photographer of the Vincenzo Bellini theater in Casalbuttano (CR) directed by the director Giuseppe Arena.
In 1999 he collaborated in the creation of the book "Cara Cremona".
Also in 1999 he photographed the Virgilio Sieni dance company.
Between 2000 and 2001 he was the official photographer of the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona during the summer event dedicated to dance.
He has followed and photographed the Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu on several occasions. Some of his images were published, again in 1999, as the cover of the CD: "Sheila's Back in Town".
Has also collaborated with the Gonzaga Theater of Ostiano (CR).
In 2004 a work dedicated to dance on Polaroid material was exhibited in San Miniato (PI) during the "Occhi di scena" event.
Since 2003 he has held various photography lessons: with the Cultural Association Pianosequenza and in the context of regional training (ALIBI Club and I.R.G.E.M. of Palermo).
Most recent exhibitions:
 In 2011, "Danza al plasma", work exhibited as part of the Carbonia event Photograph directed by Antonio Manta;
 In 2012, as part of the photography festival organized by CASA ROSSA WORK IN PROGRESS (Porticello), together with Anna Fici, exhibited a Polaroid exhibition entitled "Milano - Palermo";
 "Milano in Polaroid", a work exhibited in various contexts including Terranova Bracciolini (AR), as part of an event curated by Antonio Manta (2013) and at the XXS Gallery in Palermo (2015);
 In 2014 the work "NU", exhibited at Galleria 149 in Palermo;
 In 2018 he participated in the collective of Palermofoto in Arles. The same exhibition was exhibited subsequently at the headquarters of Palermofoto.
Fabio Savagnone
Press office
Fabio Savagnone is a journalist, born in Palermo in 1968. Since his youth he has been involved in photography, focusing his research on the relationship between reality and the subject through individual life stories or the history of the places. In 1994 he exhibited at the Dante gallery in Palermo "Momenti di Sicilia", in collaboration with Gente di Fotografia magazine. The exhibition is part of a cycle of exhibition events in which photographers such as Marc Le Menè, Andrè Villers, Jean Dieuzaide and Mario Giacomell participated.
In 2000, as part of the Festival of Sicily, at the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome, he exhibited the work "Sicilia ... luoghi".
In 2001 he exhibited the work "Nature" at the Clara Shumann Academy of Music in Palermo: one hundred and fifty Polaroids manipulated in development.
In 2002 he exhibited "Teatro Massimo ventitre anni dopo", in collaboration with Il Diaframma di Lanfranco Colombo and at the Image on the road in Giovenzana in Milan.
In 2006 he was invited to the broadcast "42.12 nel Mediterraneo d'Europa" on SAT2000 for one interview, after the personal "Frastuca" held at the Libreria del Mare in Palermo.
In 2007 his work "La città sconosciuta" was published in the quarterly culture magazine Gente di Fotografia.
In 2009 he was among the authors selected to exhibit permanently at the Guttuso Museum in Bagheria and, in the same year, he is the first author to exhibit within the review of contemporary arts "Cantina Contemporanea" at the Cantina Vivera in Linguaglossa, organized by the magazine international art Succoacido.net.
In 2010 he was among the artists chosen for the organized project "Artisti in residenza - Isola in rete 2010" from Progetto Isole contemporary art lab and territorial culture.
From 2011 to 2013 he was a teacher of photography at the Kandinskij Academy of Fine Arts in Trapani.
From December 2012 to March 2013 he is the photo editor in charge of the photographic area of ??the magazine Succoacido. Crossing Languages, art, cinema, comics, music, theater, writing, Edizioni De Dieux srl.
In 2014 he exhibited the traveling exhibition "Gli uomini del sale", held in Trapani at the Palazzo Cavarretta, at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the Fardelliana Library. Always in the same year, for the Giornata del Contemporaneo he exhibited as part of the painting collective e photography "MagnetikZone Art Project" at the Art Warehouses of Trapani.
In 2015 he exhibited in the collective "Kermesse: ventisei fotografi siciliani", organized in Ragusa at the Leone Photogallery, and in Palermo at Palazzo Sant'Elia, as part of the Week delle Culture 2015, within the group show "Lo sguardo e la luce", with catalog (Art Editions Kalos) and exhibition, curated by Prof. Maria Antonietta Spadaro.
Since 2016 he has been collaborating as an art visual photographer at Pagani Automobili, a well-known house car directed by Horacio Pagani, for which he realizes, as well as countless photographs for use corporate and advertising, the 2017 Corporate Calendar, works in five hundred pieces, made exclusively for customers and for countless international museums.
Giangiacomo Sideli
Web administrator
Giangiacomo Sideli was born in 1956 in Palermo.
Always passionate about computer science, he worked for about forty years in the banking sector, mainly dealing with the programming of procedures for automation and specializing, around the end of the nineties, in the development and management of procedures for web, always in the credit sector.
A photography lover, music and travel on the road, he has traveled for years with his family with his camper around Europe; he's always actively participating in the cultural and tourist promotion of Sicily, taking care of the creation of websites and various publications for some Italian associations of itinerant travelers.
For some time he has been involved with the development of websites concerning contemporary art, travel and, of course, photography.
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